We are a female design collective with balkan roots, a headquarter in Munich and a cosmopolitan heart. Mykke Hofmann was founded in 2017 by Jelena Hofmann and her former partner Sedina (Mykke) Halilovic. Take a closer look and you will notice that our collections are strongly influenced by the cultural mix inherent to the lives of the founders, combining European minimalism & precision with the energy, femininity and roughness that their home countries Serbia and Bosnia are known for. 

We are self-made and 100% sourced in Europe, and fair: We run our own production site in Serbia, nearby Jelena’s hometown Belgrade. We today employ approximately 40 women - growing steadily. This gives us full control over the production process and working conditions. We pay our workers 50% above the average regulated by the local Government. All of our fabrics are sourced in Europe, Italy other European countries like Portugal and Germany.

We believe in the power of being subtly striking. More precisely, we believe in the subtly striking power of femininity: Our collections embrace a mix of alluringly feminine styles with oversize and laid back elements. We create our collections for women with attitude, our design are made to put you on a stage, without making you feel dressed up.