How holyGhost became Mykke Hofmann

Munich, 05.07.2017

On July 5th, we showed our new Spring/Summer 2018 collection in Berlin. But apart from that, we had a bigger message to tell: after 7 years of holyGhost, we have decided to rebrand our label. To understand our reasons why, we need to take you a step back in our history: What would eventually become Mykke Hofmann started out as the passion project of Sedina Halilovic and Jelena Hofmann, two high school friends who discovered early on they shared a unique way of perceiving the world – especially the world of fashion. What a woman wears, they felt, should not only suit her aesthetically, it should also empower her to feel confident wherever she is and whatever she wants to pursue in life. It was out of this shared conviction that holyGhost was born.

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Jelena and Sedina explain why – after 7 years of holyGhost – they decided to relaunch their brand.

Coming straight out of university, the first couple of years were as exciting as they were challenging. Mostly learning by doing, Sedina and Jelena had to overcome quite some difficulties, ranging from production issues to budget sourcing, all while balancing motherhood with their entrepreneurial ambitions. Today, they run a company that counts 6 employees, a flagship store in Munich, and its own production line in Serbia to ensure fair and ethical working conditions.

Sadly, one legal issue lingered on all these successes for years: Ever since its first successes holyGhost had been challenged for the rights to use that name by another brand. After 3 years of fighting, the chances of winning that battle appeared to be slim. However, Jelena and Sedina decided to consider this as an opportunity instead of a setback, as they realized that the company they were running today was a wholly different one from the one they started – and that renaming it was the logical conclusion of the first chapter of their story as well as the perfect start to the next. holyGhost has been their playground, and as they matured, so did the company. It had lost its naïveté, had become more focused with a stronger mission statement and more pronounced ambitions.

In short: holyGhost had become Mykke Hofmann. The new name combines Sedina’s nickname and Jelena’s last name. “We deliberately chose a name that represents the two of us, we did no longer want to hide behind a fantasy-name,” Jelena explains. “We are taking responsibility for, and pride in, this bold step.” Mykke Hofmann starts where holyGhost left of. It is a brand that knows where it comes from and is confident about where it is going. Follow us on our transformation journey as we look forward to launch our new brand on market in 2018

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