I am a woman, phenomenally.
Phenomenal woman, That’s me. –
Maya Angelou

Munich, 15.02.2018

We live in a time where a lot of protest against female oppression and inequality is coming up from all over the world. Quite frequently though, it’s rather about the talk than the walk. To our mind, „being a feminist“ is less about „fighting inequalities“ but rather about pushing empowerment through true support between women.
Female Narratives is an inspiring platform showcasing true female support that is not merely based on Hashtags and Social Media postings, but real projects and networking in a group of like-minded girls.

Together with them, we created this portrait of bold women featuring our Spring/Summer 18 collection. They came together in London from all over the world to be photographed by Julia Shashkina & interviewed by the platform’s founder, Tijana Tamburic.
These are the phenomenal bold women and their inspiring statements.

Karimah Hassan

Cecile Sinclair

Cecile Sinclair

Cecile is a Dutch-British model and actress best known for her infectiously fun personality. In her free time Cecile enjoys working with different charitable causes to raise awareness, fundraise, create positive change and motivate others.

Are you afraid of failure?

Yes – and sometimes I wish I wasn’t but if I wasn’t then what else would spur me on? I think it scares me because it means letting go of something you think you can control, which of course you can’t and don’t. ‘Failure’ can be seen as a dirty word just like ‘wrong’ or ‘mistake’ and we are often conditioned into thinking these are bad when actually this is where growth happens, when your brain makes a conscious note of learning something. It’s only scary because of pressure put on ourselves.

What would you tell your 15-year-old self?

Gosh! Rebellious teenagers are constantly trying to be bold. I think I would tell myself to be more patient and not as hard on myself when getting things go “wrong” and most definitely to be bold.

What does being a Bold Woman mean to you?

Being a Bold Woman means to stay true to your inner instinct of what you feel and know is to be yourself. To be brave with this and stick to what you believe in. This might not be what parents, society or anyone tells us (they all love to give us some other options) it’s daring to be you and Standing up for what you think and what you are passionate about.

Manon Ouimet

Manon Ouimet is a London-based photographer and artist with a reputation across continents for fashion and portraiture. Manon has a keen eye for the function and composition of the human body. She focuses on the female form, capturing and celebrating the figure and the beauty of a woman. Portraiture comes almost second nature to her, having been strongly influenced by her mother, a renaissance-style portrait painter.


What’s the boldest thing you’ve ever done? 

The boldest thing I have ever done was taking me, myself, I on a 9000 mile road trip journey across the US and back in 43 days.

What’s your biggest motivation? 

Being able to create in many forms. Whether that be artistically or interpersonally.

Are you afraid of failure? 

Nothing is a failure. There are only learning curves. Trial and error until you get it right.

What would you tell your 15-year-old self? 

When 2010 comes around buy some Bitcoin and sell it in 2017. And don’t smoke . . . Seriously; I am begging you, DON’T DO IT!

What does being a Bold Woman mean to you? 

It means being you. Don’t stop because someone tells you, you can’t. Speak with knowledge. Take risks. Be compassionate. Share your thoughts. Communicate. Have good intentions. Aspire to inspire.

Annina Roescheisen 

A renowned artist, humanist and philanthropist, Annina Roescheisen uses multimedia to incite social change.

Are you afraid of failure? 

I am not afraid of failure. I don’t believe in it as a word or that one can fail at anything in life. For me failure is an experience all of which, good and bad, are enriching.

What would you tell your 15-year-old self? 

Have confidence in both yourself and life, no matter how hopeless it can all feel sometimes. Don’t be afraid of living and feeling life with all your senses, don’t be scared to jump into the void but be like an eagle and take distance from what you experience and have a wider vision of things. Be patient in life and understand that our perception of time can be different to life’s actual timing. Be aware that we will never ever truly finish anything in life and continue to question yourself, reflect on yourself and others and try to understand that our ego is far removed from the language of our heart.

What does being a Bold Woman mean to you? 

To me, bold is synonymous to brave. Whether you are a man or a woman, it makes no difference – its about being human and being brave enough to be our authentic selves. Truly BEING and pushing forward in what you believe in, in what you are. I don’t define myself by what I do but by who I am.

Ming Savannah Nembhard

Ming is a Jamaican-British international model, style influencer and all-round bombshell. We also met her girlfriend, Olayka McKay, and admired their love, having just celebrated their five-year anniversary.


What would you tell your 15-year-old self?

I would tell my 15 year old self that likes/comments and followers are not a reflection of who I am as a human being, I would also strongly tell myself that black raccoon eye make up and concealer lips isn’t the way to go!

Are you afraid of failure? 

Failure is always daunting. As Individuals we always want to succeed and win at what we do. However, failure is one of the best ways to learn. My life motto is fail quick and fail fast so that I can learn, grow and succeed.

What do you love about being a woman? 

I love being a woman. I am strong and powerful but sensitive and caring at the same time. This is the decade, which will go down in history as a time of change for women. The #MeToo campaign highlighted our power and that we are tired of being taken advantage of and a force to be reckoned with. Now lets all burn our bras!

Olayka Mckay

What the boldest thing you’ve ever done? 

In april 2017 I finally found the courage to be entirely open through social media about a secret I’d been carrying around with me for over a decade – having been abused by my stepfather. At the time, I was completely unaware of the #MeToo movement as it only resurfaced later in the year, and before it did I was entirely oblivious to how widespread the issue of sexual assault and harassment actually was. Telling my story was definitely the most empowering and boldest thing I’ve ever done!

What do you love about being a woman? 

I love how majestic we are. I love our aura that’s constantly there with us and how we possess so much power and resilience, without even realising. I love everything about being a woman. How nurturing and caring we are, how we tap into the spectrum of our emotions, how protective and loving we can be.

What’s your biggest motivation? 

When I need motivation, I think back to when I was severely depressed and knowing that I could return to that extreme low always gives me the motivation to push forward. So, my biggest motivation is myself!

Karimah Hassan

Karimah Hassan is a Yemeni-Bengali artist and designer born and raised in Newport, Wales. Utilising her degree in architecture and extensive experience in graphic design and product development, Karimah is an emerging talent working with dancers, scientists and designers from across the world.


What is the boldest thing you’ve ever done? 

Changing career paths and choosing to follow my passion and work freelance… it’s a scary world out there when you go it alone.

What’s your biggest motivation? 

Knowing that I have hundreds of paintings and drawings inside me, still waiting to come out.

Are you afraid of failure and why? 

To be totally honest, yes. Which is weird, its not like I haven’t failed before… I have a whole folder in my inbox titled ‘rejections’. But, no matter how many Steve Jobs talks you listen to, failing sucks when you’re going through it.

What would you tell your 15 year-old self? 

You may hate your brother for not letting you get ‘undercoverangel@yahoo.com’ as your first email address, but he’s only doing it because he loves you.

Julia Shashkina (Photographer)
Sofja Ümarik (Assistant)

Make-up artist 
Megan Rose Lane

Tijana Tamburic

Second producer
Franziska Klein


Special kudos to the Femalenarratives founding duo Tijana and Franziska

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